Saturday, May 17, 2008

Glamour Girl/ My sisters Layout she made

I made this layout of my sister Kayla, she was about 3 years old in the pictures (what a cutie). The title reads Glamour Girl and was made using rubons. In these pictures my sister decided she wanted all of the barrettes she had in her hair. She loved playing dressup. My sister will be 13 years old this July and to this day you can still find her trying on her sister or mothers shoes and clothes. The emebellishments are from the dollar store (I love the craft section at The Dollar Tree). I made 2 of this layout one for my album and one for my sisters album.

This layout I wanted to share with everyone. My sister Kayla made this. Friday nights are "Sister nights", Kayla comes over to my house after school for several hours to hang out. She made this layout of her friend and her this past Friday when she came over. Get a chance leave Kay a comment on her blog, it will make her day.


Emmy said...

aww. how cute! i cant wait till im married and can have my brothers come over and hang at my house! it must be so special to havea sister. i wish i had one! i found ur blog from kaykay. shes the best, ^^ love ur layout!

Annie said...

How wonderful it must be to have a sister to scrapbook with. I just love hearing about you and your sister. TFS!