Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Ever Bella Card

Today I received a wonderful surprise in the mail. Michelle from SBS7 sent me a wonderful birhtday card with stamped images inside of Bellas. Oh my! Between Ellie and Michelle I am just going to have to go out and buy some Bella stamps. They are so cute and so girly! Here is the card I made with the one of the images that Michelle sent. Thank you so much Michelle!

I also made another card today for Jeff, it was suppose to be a birthday card but it turned into a Valentine Card. He keeps saying I now that card of the boobs and butt are my card for valentines day and he laughs, SURPRISE ITS NOT!!! LOL! I will not be able to share my card ladies until after Valentines, Sorry!

But in the mean time, enjoy my Bella Card.


Unknown said...

hehehehe come into the Dark side.. COME ONNN you know you want to!! NOW tell me you didn't giggle the whole time you were coloring???

Love your card!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your 'birthday' surprise. Have fun with those Bella's that's what they're for!

kerri said...

Oh my wonder how longs its going to take you till the first arrival of new bella rubbah

Anonymous said...

I am lovin' the Bellas. They're so cute. I got my first Bella rubbah while I was gone to Disney and I haven't had the chance to play with them yet, since getting Koda and being sick!!

that said, what a cute card! LOL

Anonymous said...

Its a fab card Chrissy! :) Love it.


Unknown said...

LOVEY your bella card!! This is one of my favs!!
You did a beautiful job!!

stampingmommy said...

OOOh! Loveyh your bella card! It is fabulous! Welcome to the addiction - you are in big trouble now!!! Happy stamping!

Card~I~ology Creations said...

what a great surprise. Thanks so much for sharing.

ღ=]♥Kaylaღ=]♥ said...

Omg!!It took u 3hrs to finnally color it right.LOL nice card