Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Scrappin April 6

It's Sunday Scrappin time once again! I love this group! It's a start of a new week and new craft goals. Sunday Scrappin is a wonderful group because on Sunday (or Monday if you didn't get to it Sunday LOL) you post your Ta's Da's (goals you accomplished in the past week) and you list your Ta Do's (goals for this week) and it helps to keep you focused and on track but if something comes up during the week and you didn't keep your goals there is no pressure and you don't get banned from the group. LOL! Be sure to check out Sunday Scrappin its a wonderful group.

Now on with the show. Last week I set a goal of making a card or two and I wanted to do a scrapbook card. Let's just say I made a card or two a day. I had to make 2 kids birthday cards one for a girl (that was cake being that I have a sister the same age as the girl and I'm used to making cards for girls) and a boy card (that was a task). Here are the links to my Ta Da's (sorry no scrapbook page :( but I made 9 cards (this one I don't care for)

This weeks To Do's:
*I want to make a scrapbook page
*Maybe make another Mother's Day card similar to the one I made already but in a different color
*Make a thank you card for my sister who will be dog sitting next weekend while we go to CT for a weekend trip

This weeks Bonus question: What kind of projects do you do the most often?
It's that time of year where birthday's are popping up everywhere. I must say I do a lot of birthday cards and scrapbook pages. Then second to that would be scrapbooking our dog Buddy.


Scrapbookmama said...

thank you for the hugs love..((HUGS)) back... You've been one busy bee! WAY TO GO! :)


Sniz said...

I really like all the cards(even the one you say you don't care for) but my favorites are the boy cards. Your work is beautiful!

Miss Crystal said...

Hey Chrissy. I just love that you do this so I decided to join in and see what it's all about. :D You sold me!

Lee said...

Fabulous Chrissy!!! I soooo love that Mother's Day card!!! And the footballl one is sooo cool!!

Melanie said...

Your cards are wonderful, you are very talented Chrissy.

Good luck with your goals this week.

Storm said...

What great cards. Keep up the great work.

Good luck with your goals.

Amanda said...

I love the embossed birthday card and the tool box redo card. Anyone will be thrilled to get these cards for their birthdays.

Good luck this week!