Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CD Cover

I took loads of pictures while in CT this past weekend. I made my BIL & SIL a copy of all the pictures. I wanted to make a neat little holder to for the CD. It came out okay, I did it in a rush last night I wanted to get it in the mail today (which I'm proud to say I did get it in the mail today). Click here for the template, I had to enlarge it a little on my scanner to get the CD to fit just right. The pattern paper I believe I got at the dollar store awhile back in a pack. The stickers I don't recall where they came from neither.
SIDE NOTE: I forgot to give my sister her Thank you card for watching the dog so I mailed it to her today (she likes getting mail). So be on the lookout and I will post that card in the next few days. Speaking of my sister please say a pray for her she is at the Urgent care right now she fell off her bicycle and they think she broke her hand/arm. Can tell it's the start of summer when the kids start getting banged up.
As always thank you for checking out my blog. I appreciate all of your support. This weekend also be on the lookout for some blog candy.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh how cute is this!!! I LOVE that idea and will definitely be CASEing!!!

Anonymous said...

OOoo, this is neat! I like this!

ღ♥Kay~Kayღ♥ said...

is this the one that u forgot to send the cd to,u just sent the case LOL!!It;s cute