Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthday Balloons

I am happy to say that my headaches that I have been having 24/7 are finally going away. The dr. finally put me on blood pressure medicine (low dose) and what wonders it has made already and it's only been several days since I started taking the medicine. Instead of wanting to hide in the dark I now want to be in my craft room playing.
I made this card for a co-workers birthday that is coming up in May. I have never actually meet her in person but when I worked in the Customer Service Department I talked to her several times a day. Now that I moved to another department within I don't get to talk to her but occasionly I hear from her through an email. On this card I got carried away with the pop dots, once I started pop dotting I couldn't stop (balloons,fringe on party hat, and present). Being the image came from a swap and I only have one of the image I traced part of it so I could pop dot it. I was going to pop dot the saying on the front but thought that was a little to much. LOL!

Card Receipe:
Image is from a Swap (I traced some of the image so I could pop dot it)
Pattern Paper is from a 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 Scrapbook paper packet by Tim Coffey
Cardstock is from stash
Font is from my computer that I downloaded for free (sorry don't recall the site)


Dawn Marie said...

I LOVE your card!!!I think it looks awesome, so colorful and cheery!
I know what you mean about the headaches, I get Migraines alot but all of a sudden, alot more then usual. I hate them. Glad your doing better with yours!!!TFS

Michelle said...

oh poor baby. I didn't know you were struggling with headaches. I'm glad the doctor found something that will help and expect to see alot more creations coming from you!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

I LOVE all the pop that a word?? LOL Very colorful and cute card!! I'm sorry I never thought to mention that the low dose of bp meds I've been on for 2 years have severely limited my migraines in amount and intensity! I'm so glad you are getting some relief!!

Anonymous said...

Cute card.

I hope the headaches stay away!

ღ♥Kay~Kayღ♥ said...

that is really really cute!!!