Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Scrapper 2/3

Its that time of week again, Its Sunday Scrapper Time! Its a great group over there. You post your Ta Da's for the week and your To Do's.

This weeks question is Do you sketch your ideas or do you just put things together as you go? When making cards I don't sketch them, very seldomly I do. When scrapbooking on the most part I do sketch out my pages. All of my pictures are saved on CD my theme and I print out a contact sheet (small pictures) of each CD and put it in a folder and then when I sketch out my page I go back to those sheet to find my pictures and when I have the pictures I want I cut them out of the contact sheet and tape them down onto the spot on my sketch. I have found that I can get a lot more done this way instead of wasting time trying to figure out what layout I want or what pictures etc. Seems to be working for me.

This Weeks Ta Da: Is my Buddy Loves his Blankie Page that I did. Not only was I able to get a page done but it was also part of a challenge on Split Coast Stampers. And I very seldomly join in any challenges or if I do I join to late and the deadline already passed.

This Weeks TO DO's:

*Do complete at least 1 scrapbook page
*Mail my sister and my birthday cards to the Solider who is celebrating his b-day this month
*To make labels for the ribbon holders

I'll keep it light this week because I'm not feeling that well and I pulled something in my back and it kills me to sit for any length of time. So hopefully that will past and I can get more done.


Amy said...

I'm glad you're still enjoying SUNDAY SCAPPIN'! :)

Hope your back feels better soon. I had hurt mine a few weeks ago and I know it can be miserable.

Amanda said...

Great lay-out of your dog. I like how used so many pictures.

Earthmommy said...

I love the Buddy page, how sweet! I like the pictures along the side of the page too, I think it's fun when you can use multiple pictures of a theme on a single page.

Hope you back feels better!!

Scrapbook Mama said...

OH darling I hope you feeling better and that Buddy page made me giggle too sweet. I'm sending you the BIIIIIIIIGGEESSTT of hugs!


Girl With the Gadgets said...

Thanks for sharing the great idea of how you do your sketches.. what a great idea.. I am going to have to try that..

Just Me :) said...

What a cute layout of Buddy. I think dogs have the sweetest expressions. I enjoy scrapbooking pictures of our dog too. :) Hope your back is feeling better soon. :)

Alisha said...

Your Buddy page is just too cute. Congrats on getting a challenge done too - I always have the best intentions but somehow don't always get them done.

Lee said...

I'm so sorry you hurt your back! That always takes some time to get back to normal. I LOVE your Buddy page! My dogs will steal ANY blanket and claim it!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! Can't wait to see what you do to complete your "to dos" for this week!