Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Wishes/ Disney Scrapbook Pages

Girly Comments & Graphics

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Jeff! Today is Jeff's birthday so everyone please wish him a Happy Birthday! You may ask why the image of Jasmine, well I have a funny story to share. In 2006 while vacationing in Disney it was Jeff's Birthday so we went to the Magic Kingdom and got him his birthday pin to wear that said "Today is my Birthday". In ToonTown we meet Princess Jasmine, and she instantly spotted his button. LOL! She said to Jeff you are my Aladdin I want you to stand in the middle by me. So now the joke is Jasmine is Jeff's other women. I'm just glad we don't leave closer otherwise I would worry. LOL!

If you want to see the scrapbook pages that I made of Jeff's Birthday in Disney please look here at my webshots account: (on this page the picture in the upper left hand corner is a picture of his B-day Button)