Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jeff's Valentine Card/Page

I am still feeling under the weather, this bug that is going around is horrible. I haven't worked on any projects. I am glad to finally be able to open load the page and card I made Jeff for Valentines Day. He got a kick out of the card.

The card resembles the Wii Remote for the game but instead its the Valentine Wii remote with heart buttons instead of circle buttons. LOL! The strap is an actual extra Wii strap that we had. Normally the strap goes on the bottom but I put it on the top so that the card could stand easier. I took a picture of the card next to the Wii remote so you can see how they very similar. The little squares on the card represent the speakers.

For the page. OOoohh my! What a heck of a time I had making the heart shape with all the hearts. The easy part was cutting out all the hearts with the Cricut George Cart. The tricky part was getting them in the shape of a heart. I actually at one point got fed up and throw it in the trash. Jeff took it out of the trash and said thats a waste. I grabbed it from him and threw it away again, that went on for a few minutes, he would take it out I would put back in. Then finally he took it out and just started cutting and got into the heart shape you see on the page. I was like Duh why didn't I think of that. LOL!


Anonymous said...

LOL. Don't you hate it when they prove you wrong?

Both of them look great!

Scrapbook Mama said...

WHAT!! LOOK at that CARD That is soo cool! See I would have to make an XBOX controller for Chris! lol OH BUT I LOVE IT!! and your L.O. so sweet.. OHHHHH too cute!! NOW REST!!!! ((HUGS))


Annie said...

That is too cool!!

Vivian Swain said...

I love the card and such a cool idea.

Vivian Swain

Girl With the Gadgets said...

great idea love it.. TFS

baby bratz said...

kool cards n stuff sis!tfs
p.s sis stop saying update ur blog
i did it leave me alone

Michelle said...

Chrissy, the Weii card is fabulous! I thought it was two controlers until I read the blog.
Great job!

~Michelle~ said...

your card is adorable! Very realistic!