Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Get Well Rak

Today I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from Michelle it was a pretty get well card. Thank you so much Michelle! I am delighted to say that on Michelle's card she wrote "You Lucky girl, you are the first to get a Stampin Up Card from Me". So the question is do I keep the card like the good pack rat I am or do I try to to make the big bucks and auction it on ebay being that it is not only a one of a kind handmade card but it is the First Michelle SU that was given out. What do you think I should do keep it or ebay it? LOL!


Michelle said...

LOL I say sell it and I'll make you another one :-)

Girl With the Gadgets said...

I'm with Michelle.. bring in the big bucks... and then she can send you a replica of the first.. LOL you will have the best of both worlds.. Lots of $$ and another card.. :)

Annie said...

Hmm, won't the card increase in value with age?? I say hold on to it. Ebay it when she's really famous. ;)

baby bratz said...

yehh bring in the $$$$ sis!!LOL!!!$$$ thing of all the scrapbookin stuff u could get!$$