Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I do apologize normally I would not post anything but craft related items on this post but I am calling for everyone's help. My dog Buddy occasionally slips his collar/leash and when I say occasionally I mean once a month if that, we always walk him on the leash. Sometimes we go out of the house and the door doesn't catch and he comes out etc. . When he does he runs over to the neighbors yard and either my husband or I are quick behind Buddy to get him back. The neighbor today made the comment "If your dog comes over here one more time I will shoot him" and it was said in anger. I am lived beyond belief. We called our local police department there is nothing they can do being Buddy "isn't human". They can only do something if the neighbor was to shoot Buddy. Can you imagine??!??!?! I called the ASPCA and I am waiting to hear back for an investigator. This is just the tip of the ice berg with the issues we have with our neighbor. His dog is continuously coming in our yard several times a day if not more. Does anyone have any other solutions for what I can do? We have invested in an above ground electric fence that we have installed and will begin using. But still how does someone get away with threating a dog? Buddy is not a vicious dog at all.


Littlekel90 said...

Hi, Chrissy, well I came to thank you for commenting on my blog. Wow, your colors and beautiful lily header/picture are amazing!! I love the look. I just wanted to wish you luck with the blog candy. :)

Now after reading your post, your neighbor really upsets me too. The ASPCA should be able to help you. We have a "Buddy" too (black lab and Irish setter), and if one of my neighbors threatened to kill him, believe me I would be livid as well. I feel your pain, and I think the fence is a really good idea, short of getting a new neighbor ;) Kelly

Boomer said...

The police are never any help in animal situations, and the ASPCA isn't likely to do anything unless he actually does something to hurt Buddy.

When My Loud Man walks us, he uses a harness, and 2 leashes. He clips one leash to our harness and one to our collar. That way if we slip out of one he has a backup.

I've never gotten out of mine, but Rusty is GOOD at getting off leashes, thats why we have the backup system.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Aww I'm so sorry Chrissy!! I don't know of anything that will help. We're lucky to live in the mountains in a tiny rural community where most dogs run free in the few houses that are even partway near each other. So we all just know how to deal with each others' dogs that arent' vicious. Big Hugs to you!!! And to Buddy!! He looks a lot like one of ours........tell him he can come visit!!! ;)

carolann said...

Sorry to hear this your neighbour sounds like a horror nasty piece of work threatening a poor defenceless animal he should be shot sending hugs hun xxxxx

kerri said...

i am so sorry to hear about you horrid neighbor. Maybe you could send him the link to your blog post and see what people really think about this situation.
I just noticed this morning a kid over the back standing up on our back fence stirring up our dogs.
i had to yell at him sounds like your neighbor needs this approach occasionally with his dog.

Melanie said...

Im praying that this situation is relieved as in he leaves you and Buddy alone.

Did you hear back from the ASPCA?