Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mary Poppins Layout -Stars & Motor Parade

You will notice that I don't scrap in any particular order. I scrap as a page layout comes to mind. This is another page for my disney album. The pattern paper is from DCWV EveryDay paper Stack (thank you Jeff for the B-day gift) the mats are cardstock from my scrap pile. The penguins....oh the penguins....what a time I had making them. I used the cricut Animal Kingdom cart but the problem was the penguin had a baby penguin in front of it and that really didn't work for this page so I had to cut it out in the blackout feature and then keep cutting it to get the pieces in black and white so I could layer it. Then I put a red ribbon around its neck like the bow tie on the penguins in the parade picture. The horse is from Dreams Come True Cricut Cart, used that to match the horse Mary Poppins is on. The pole under the horse is actually the wand for the Fairy Godmother but I cut the wand part of so I had just the pole. To see more of my disney album you can view those layouts in webshots album at - Edit The Horse and pole idea came from Snowdrop on the cricut board from her Mary Poppins Page - Thanks for the inspiration! Sorry I din't know who you were earlier to give you the proper credit.