Thursday, January 17, 2008

Woof You Valentine

Tonight while chatting on the phone with my little sister (got to love speaker phone) I was able to make this card. Usually I will chat with her for a few then tell her I got to go work on a card or page. Tonight I wanted to chat forever with her because our family is extremely thankful to have her with us today. Yesterday she and a friend were working on a school projects (taking pictures of different trees and weeds) when she lost her balance and feel into the pond in my parents back yard. Down she went through the ice. I guess the one time when she went to come back up she ended up under the age. Thankfully her friend who is 12 kept her cool and remained calm and was able to get my sister out. We are thankful for the friend. My sister is doing well, just still shaken up.

For my card: I used the template from SCS (at least that is where I think I got it from, I had it saved to my computer from Valentines Day last year and I'm finally getting around to using it).
The pattern paper and cardstock is from my stash. The green paper in behide the dog I printed from my computer the saying I Woof You being that I didn't have actually paper that said that or any other doggie themed paper that went well for a valentine so I created my own. The dog stamp is from AC Moore. Sorry the picture isn't the greatest.


Annie said...

It's darling!

Emily said...

Very sweet. So glad your sister is doing well. That is very scary and dangerous. You have been in my thoughts lately. I hope all else is well.

Anonymous said...

hey Chrissy! I was 'tagged' for the first time today, so now I am "tagging" you! Visit my blog for more information!

ღ=]♥Kaylaღ=]♥ said...

hey sis i want that card!!!thanks!!lol!its cute.thanks for putin me n mi bff on u blog it makes me fell warm n fuzzy like my socks lol i am wierd!!