Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bra & Panty Card

I got the template and idea from Split Coast Stampers (<---- click for pattern) . Now I need your help. I can't decide on which I want to do. Please post a comment of which of the ones you like out of these 3 choices (please)

1. On the inside write - Together we are a perfect match or perfect team

2. On the backside (on the butt) write I am for you 100 %

3. I will always have your backside

I think this may turn into a valentine card for Jeff.

On the butt I chalked it with light pink chalk to her rosey cheeks. This is one card (the front is the bra the back of the card is the butt)


Unknown said...

I vote for number one.
Cute card Chrissy!

Unknown said...

I dont know-I like number one or number 3! guess it depends on your taste and who its going to. It looks awesome!!!!TFS

kerri said...

Very creative Chrissy. I vote for number 1.

Card~I~ology Creations said...

I like number 1.

Cute card...

Unknown said...

number 1 number 1 - what a cute card!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic card Chrissy!! :) I vote for number 1.


ღ=]♥Kaylaღ=]♥ said...

sis i have to say#3

Unknown said...

LOL this card is to freaking CUTE! lol.. MAN my printer doesn't have ink I would so do one of these cards too! lol.. hmm I think I am gonna have to go for #1

Girl when you give this card to Jeff I want to see a pic of his face PLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE! LOLLOL


Anonymous said...

This is dom hey nice blog!!!kool!! DaMnnn ima like digin dat card lmfao!!!kool keep it up chrissy!!
ohh yeh i vote for #1

Anonymous said...

nice card chrissy i say #1