Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Valentine Day Card

Today I worked on a Valentine Card. AllThatScraps ( is coming out with 2 cute stamp sets this Friday and they scream Valentine's Day! I so need to get them when they come out. All day I was trying to convience myself I don't need those stamps and I was trying to come out with some card ideas and every idea took me back to those stamps that are being released Friday! I'm serious! I was able to get pass that knowing I am going to order them. Once I decided I just have to have them I was able to make this card. All the paper used came out of my scrap pile. The Heart is a stamp from the dollar store, I had it for awhile. The Love stamp is another stamp I had for a long time. The Love stamp has heart confetti around it so I colored in the word love with markers in gray to match the silver on the ribbon. I chalked around the edges. The heart stamp is pop dotted onto the ribbon. I love Valentine's day because of the pinks we get to use, my favorite color is pink.


Card~I~ology Creations said...

I like it.. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

You got that stamp at the dollar store?? GET OUT!!! too cute! I love this card :)