Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Scrapper Update

Today I woke up I organized my paper rack then I sat at my craft table and haven't moved. I made a card (the valentine boxer card) and then went right into making my 2 page layout of the Disney All Star Music Hotel. I really don't know what gotten into me today, I'm not complaining at all. LOL! Usually when I make a layout I have to draw it out then debate, then debate some more what pictures to use, then scan the internet for page maps then go back to debate which pictures then I scrap. But no not today. I printed the pictures sat down and it just all came to together. I hope many more days like this are in the future. Before I knew it my goals for the week were already completed and its only Sunday. So I am going to set some more goals for this week.

This week additonal goals:

I have 2 card ideas that I want to make
I would also like to complete another scrapbook page this week.


Sewflake said...

Wish I have a few goals for the week. I will update the list I made so will check back later in the week. At this rate you will have your whole years goals done by July.