Thursday, January 24, 2008

So So Easter Card

I wasn't gong to post this but..... Well, this was another one of those cards that were better in my head then on paper. Its cute but its messing something. Maybe I need to make the eggs smaller? Not sure what I'm not giving up on this one. I may attempt to make the eggs smaller. The eggs are from Cricut Doodlecharms cart, the bunny is a stamp from All That Scraps. Take a look and give me your feedback, please. I mean, its not.....bad but what is it missing. OOH the paper is from a paper packet from the $1 store. Maybe......the bunny is to small for what I'm trying to do?? I'll try with smaller eggs. Now I'm just thinking or typing out loud. I do have a better idea for the scrap paper that I have left over from this card. Watch for more creations tomorrow is Blogging Fridays with my sister Kay (hopefully she feels better)!


Unknown said...

First I have to admit I am not an expert card maker. I agree, about the bunny. Maybe bring him down a bit. And a ribbon across the top may help.

kerri said...

hmmmm if that doesn't work for you why not try some pastel pushing to give you a subtle cloud look.

Unknown said...

HEY u got the bunny stamp!:)

Hmmm lets see I'm not the biggest expert either but hmm I think yeah make the eggs smaller so he pops.. cause he is a tiny little thing :)


Hope you and Kay are having a Blogger of a time!!! (I'm so corny! LOL)

ღ=]♥Kaylaღ=]♥ said...

Yep 3llie ima having a bloging of a time!Lol ur not corny! nice card bye

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry I haven't been around.

I definitely think you should play around with some chalks and create a bit of sky to liven up the blank white area at the top!

It's really cute, though!