Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Better Day

Thank you everyone for your kinds words regarding the horrible day I had yesterday. Thank you to everyone's well wishes I had a good day. It started off rough but it quickly made a turn for the better. I'm a little upset this evening I went to place an online order to find out that I can't because the security code on the credit card is worn off as Jeff would say "from to much use". LOL! And the bank doesn't know the code for security purposes. I guess it was an order that wasn't ment to be. The good news is I work for the bank so I can get a rush on a new card. LOL! I just wanted to let everyone know today was a better day and tomorrow will be even better because its TGIF!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I plan to scrap this weekend.

I want to especially thank Amy, you gave me the inspiration last night to make a card. LOL! Your post was echoing in my head about how I've been quiet this week and I kept saying I can't be quiet I have gotten off to a great start with my goals I need to keep it up. So a special thank you goes out to you. Thank you to Ellie because the last several days she has been wonderful she has listened to me rant. Gee I feel like I'm at the oscars LOL! Thank you Jeff for putting up with my attitude. He was being a sweet heart because I have been so cranky all I do is snap at him and he is so good he just gets up and walks away from me. Thank you thank you!


Unknown said...

Girl you know we love you!! (((HUGS)) :)