Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am floored

I am finishing packing to go away to CT to see my nieces and nephew for the weekend when I took a break to check my email and there was a message stating I had an award waiting for me from Valita, what an honor! Valita has an awsome blog and she is so creative and EVERYTHING she makes is amazing, I can only wish to be as good as her one day!! I'm so excited, I feel like I won an oscar! LOL! Thank you so much Valita.

I am going to pass this award onto Dawn who is another wonderful creative crafter. She always manages to squeeze time into her busy schedule to create something awsome. She's a big inspiration to me (and I truly mean it Dawn).

Monday, May 26, 2008

I've been tagged again

I have been tagged again this time by Forgetfulone.


1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My Facts:

1. While on our Sr. trip to Fl the school and myself were advised by my parents that no way no how was I to go bungee jumping because across the street from where we were staying was bungee jumping. My parents signed a form for the school stating no bungee jumping. Less then 24 hours after being in Fl. I went bungee jumping and loved it. I mailed the pictures home to my parents so they would get over the shock before I got home. I want to bungee jump again.

2. Now that the dr. has me on blood pressure meds I don't get headaches like I used to.

3. I wish my family got along better then what they do. But that's life I guess

4. I live in upstate NY and in the winter I complain about the snow and cold and in the summer I complain about the heat but refuse to move to a happy medium. Instead I just complain about the tempature which I'm never happy about I'm always to cold or to warm and DH and I can never ever be the same body tempature.

5. I made a scrapbooking goal to make 50 pages this year and thanks to working on the album for my SIL I'm just about to that goal and we are only about half way through the year. This is the most I have ever scraped.

6. DH and I are the complete opposite. He is shy, quiet and laid back I am outgoing, big mouth and far from laid back.

7. I could live on spaghetti and pasta ever night. If I had my choice I would also eat out every night of the week and the weekend.

Now to tag 7 people. I have tagged several of you already over the past several weeks. Anyone we reads this and wants to play just leave a comment below so I check out your blog.

It's Summer time

Yesterday DH and I took Buddy (our dog) to the town park they have a creek where people go swimming. In the one section it is pretty deep but it's a great spot to go and cool off and it's great place to take the dog because it's never crowded. When Buddy was a puppy he hated the water we would have to drag him in and he would drag you back to shore (yes while swimming Buddy needs a leash on otherwise he would run away the little stinker). Remind he is a lab and is suppose to love the water. Yesterday we pulled up to the creek and instantly he was ready to get out of the car and he ran right to the creek and in he went. We weren't expecting that all because even last summer Buddy wasn't to into the water scene so yesterday we weren't prepared to go for a swim. Isn't he so handsome??? I have to scrap these pictures but I may wait till the end of summer so I have all his swimming pictures to put into a 2 page layout of my favorites.

Sibling Love

This is another layout for my SIL. I think I am now done with the album, notice I said think LOL! I can't wait to give her the album this weekend. I made 2 of these layouts (one for me one for her). I love this picture but it was a challenge to scrap because there wasn't to many colors to pull from the picture due to the way the sun was shining that day but I pulled it off. I didn't want to go with bright bold colors that would over power the picture. I'm pleased with the end result. All paper is from CTMH and the stamps used on the layout are SU Friendship Blooms (I love this stamp set). I have an extra of this stamp set brand new unmounted if anyone is interested you can email me and we can do a trade or buy it out right. The title are cardstock letters that I had since I started scrapbooking years ago.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love my Swing

This another layout from our first trip to CT for the kids birhtday party. I have one more page to make and all the pictures will be scrapped just in time for our trip to see the kids this weekend. I made 2 of these layouts (one for my album and one for my SIL) The pattern paper is from a paper packet from the dollar store. The title was done on the computer using a Free Kindergarten font, I thought it was perfect for this.
I can't wait to give the album to my SIL. Just the few pages I have given her already she drooled over and showed all her friends.

Cupcake card

I recently stumbled across a new blog called Mel Stampz, she has a truely amazing blog. She is so creative. She recently posted templates to make cupcake cards and cupcake boxes, they are adorable. So today I made the cupcake card but I'm not really feeling it. I'm going to have to think about it and come up with something better but I'm not sure yet just what. The tempaltes to make the boxes and card can be found here.
I had the sprinkle paper from my stash that I thought would be perfect for this but it may be a little to much instead next time I made use glitter or beads.................

Mini Purse

I made my niece Mariah a mini purse to hold the lotion, chapstick, and 3 pair of earrings we bought her. The size of the purse was perfect, everything fit inside. I think this is so adorable I used SU Lovely Letters Alphabet to monogram the purse to give it more of a personal touch. The template can be found here. The pattern paper is from my stash, I have had it forever.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday Scrappin May 25

Happy Sunday and happy long 3 day weekend to me. I love 3 day weekends but the next day when I return to work I really pay for it we are so busy, but I rather be busy it makes the day fly by. I love fast work days and long nights and weekends, don't we all.

I have been really scraping away the past few weeks. I've been doing more scrapbooking then cardmaking which is a change for me. I did 9 layouts this week


Summer Lynn
Tulip Festival
Flower Child - this was also the layout I did for the button challenge
Butler Bruce
Hunks and Babes of the Party
Toliet Paper Caper

TA Do's

This week I am going to keep it simple because I am going to have a busy work week and will have to work overtime several days this weekend. And then Friday we are leaving for the weekend for CT to visit the family.

I want to make a mini tote for my niece (I bought her earrings and lotions)
a card or two

This week's Sunday Scrappin Challenge is to create something using the ugly paper you have in your stash. I do have ugly paper in my stash but it is truely ugly so lets see if I can come up with something, this will truely be a challenge.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Toliet Paper Caper

My Dog Buddy is like a child a swear, at any given point when you notice he is being quiet or he's not sitting/sleeping near you, good chance he's up to no good and this layout proofs what trouble that cute dog can get into. When I first noticed the mess the dog gotten into on this particular day my first reaction was quick get the camera, but that's the scrapbooker in me I'm sure plenty of you can relate to this.
The pattern paper is from Colorbok Jewel Paper Packet (my sister bought me the packet for Xmas and then when she went to give to me didn't think I would like it being it was more her style but I have gotten a lot of great use out of the packet, it has some great paper in it). The image of the dog is from Whipper Snapper but I received it in an image swap. The funny thing is I was thinking about buying this stamp but I only had one use for it, so joining the image swap really worked out. The journaling/title are done on my computer.

The Hunks & Babes of the Party

Here is another birthday party scrapbook page. I only made one of these pages, this one is for my sister in law. Out of all of the kids in the pictures I don't know any of them except for my niece and nephew (they are friends of my SIL and BIL). I wish I knew the kids names so I could put the names by their pictures but I don't want to call my SIL it's a surprise.

The page was hard to photography because the "girly" paper was very sparkly. The paper is from DCWV Nana's Kids Paper Pack (I love that paper pack). The title Hunk and Babes are hard to see in the photo (you can click to enlarge) but they really do pop in real life. Speaking of pop I pop dotted the titles. The titles were made on my cricut george cartridge.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Butler Bruce

This is another layout from the kids 10th birthday party. We were suppose to go to CT this weekend but plans got changed and we are going next weekend which I'm glad because I only have a few more pages to scrap and I can give my SIL the full album scraped from the party. This is another layout that I made 2 of (one for my SIL and one for me). I'm very pleased with how this turned out. Bruce is a great guy, he is my BIL's friend and he was paid to wait on everyone (it's what the guy loves to do). The chef is from SU Voila stamp set (I received several of these images from a swap I did). The title are old alphabet stickers that I had from when I did one of my first scrapbook pages years ago.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by my sweet new friend Emmy to list 10 weird or random facts or habits about myself!

1. Has much as I complain about my naturally curly hair I wouldn't like straight hair it would be to plain for me.
I tI love to receive emails and blog comments
3. Even though my Sister in law and brother in law have yelled and I mean yelled at me not to buy my nieces another thing they are spoiled enough I won't listen I will continue to buy the youngest one the cute outfits.
4. Next weekend we are making a trip to CT not to visit our family but mainly so I can go to the scrapbooking store out there. They know where coming but they don't know the true meaning behind the trip
5. I wish my neighbor would sell their house and move to another country. Yeck I would be fine if they just moved far away they didn't even have to sell their home.
6. If the neighbors dog doesn't stop pooing in my flower garden I'm going to bag it all up and deliver it to the neighbor in person!
7. I am a huge mickey mouse fan, my dream job would be to work at Disney as Minnie Mouse (LOL) but in reality it wouldn't work out to well for me being I am claustophobic (hey I can dream though)
8. We treat our dog buddy like he is human. He even eats human food
9. I love reality tv shows
10. I can't think of a 10th thing

I am going to tag Dawn and Tina

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flower Child

This is another page from the Tulip Festival of our nephew. I made 2 of these layouts (one for my album and one for my sister in law). On Sunday Scrappin this week instead of a bonus question we had a challenge to use buttons. I used the buttons on the center of the flowers.

Page Recipe:

Paper: Pattern paper is from DCWV Everyday Paper Packet, the bottom is cardstock from my stash, vellum

Other: Prima flower, button in the middle with ribbon thread through it, SU Friendship Blooms stamp set with a button in the center, Title printed on computer, the flourishes is a sizzix diecut Scribbles Swirls, SU Pumpkin Pie ink

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tulip Festival Scrapbook Page

Have you ever got on a roll and the page layouts just keep flowing and you just keep creating. Well, that's me this evening I can't stop. I was afraid this page was girlish but its starting to grow on me.
Page Recipe:
Paper: Solid cardstock from stash, Pattern paper is part of the DCWV Everyday Paper packet.
Stickers: Are you guessed it from the dollar store
Title was made on the computer.

Summer Lynn

This another layout of my cutie pie niece. I made 2 of these layouts (one for my album and the other for my sister in law).

The solid paper is Mix & Match By Kopp designs Citrus Tropical. The pattern paper is double sided (the strip down the side is the backside of the paper) by Creative Imaginations. The title was made with cardstock from my stash and was made on my cricut machine using the George Cartridge and the flower embellishment is from the dollar store. The page layout is from PageMaps (but I changed it around a little bit) I used the page map in the bottom left hand corner.

I just realized today that this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I thought it was next weekend. This weekend we will be going to CT to see our niece and nephew. I bought our niece 3 of the cutest little outfits and the one outfit I was able to find matching sandals. I can't wait!!!

Sunday Scrappin 5/18

Where oh where does the time go. The week drags and the weekend flys by. There just isn't enough hours in the weekend anymore to do everything. It's hard to believe its Sunday Scrappin time once again.


This week I was able to complete 6 scrapbook pages! That's because lately I have been making duplicate copies of the pages for my family to have also. My sister in law is going to be surprised when I go visit her memorial day weekend that I have the kids birthday party album just about completed for her. Here are the links to my Ta Da's:

Always & Forever Anniversary card
Glamour Girl
Bouncing Fun 2008


I have a fathers day card idea that I want to work on
Make another scrapbook page from the kids birhtday party
Make something using buttons for the Sunday Scrappin Challenge
I have a birthday card idea I want to work on

This week there is no Sunday Scrappin Bonus question instead we have a challenge to make something craft related using buttons. Hmmmmm.......... let me see what I can come stay tuned. LOL!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bouncing Fun 2008

Here is another layout from our niece and nephew's 10th birthday party. For this layout I made 4 pages (2 for my album 2 for my sister in law). This page layout is from this weekends SCS Challenge. As soon as I saw this sketch I knew what I was going to do. I think the circles making more bouncy and cheery. The circles where made with the small paper punch, 1 3/8 SU circle punch, and my couzzle circle template.

Glamour Girl/ My sisters Layout she made

I made this layout of my sister Kayla, she was about 3 years old in the pictures (what a cutie). The title reads Glamour Girl and was made using rubons. In these pictures my sister decided she wanted all of the barrettes she had in her hair. She loved playing dressup. My sister will be 13 years old this July and to this day you can still find her trying on her sister or mothers shoes and clothes. The emebellishments are from the dollar store (I love the craft section at The Dollar Tree). I made 2 of this layout one for my album and one for my sisters album.

This layout I wanted to share with everyone. My sister Kayla made this. Friday nights are "Sister nights", Kayla comes over to my house after school for several hours to hang out. She made this layout of her friend and her this past Friday when she came over. Get a chance leave Kay a comment on her blog, it will make her day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Always and Forever

This is the card I made for Jeff to celebrate our 11th anniversary (which is today). We had a yummy pasta dinner (my favorite) and in a few we are going to curl up with a movie.

I had this house mouse stamp forever but finally inked it up for the first time. I originally bought this stamp with the idea of using it on a card for Jeff. I colored the image in using my SU markers. I wanted the moon to have a romantic shine to it so I used gold glitter glue from the dollar store.
Saying on the front: Always and Forever
Inside: ......that's how long I'll love you. Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tulip Festival Pictures

This past Saturday we took our nephew to the 60th Annual Tulip Festival. It is a free event, there is loads of food, music, vendors, and crafts for the kids. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday too. The have games to play for prizes. The one game was you had to get the bean bag in the hole 2x and you won your choice of a CD, Shirt or Frisbee Jeff and our nephew won the Frisbees (for Buddy our dog of course) and I was thrilled I got the Chris Daughtry CD YEAH BABY!!!!!! They had several vendors giving away free examples (bottle water, 1lb dog food, Frisbees, shirts etc). We came home with loads of treats for our dog buddy. This is the second time we have attended the Tulip Festival, we plan to go each year from here on out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday - Boy

This scrapbook page is from our nephews 10th birthday party. The pattern paper is from Doodlebug, the number 10 was cut out on the cricut machine, and all other embellishments are from the dollar store. I'm used to doing girly layouts so this was a little tricky with the colors for me even though its the same as the Happy 10th Birthday Girl layout just different colors it was still a little bit of a challenge for me.

Scrapbook Blog Party

In honor of National Scrapbooking Month Scrapbooking Servant is hosting a Scrapbook Blog Party for 15 fabulous days. There will be loads of fun, prizes, tutorials and a lot of other great crafters.

Here is my introduction: My name is Chrissy I live in Upstate NY. I am a mother to a furbaby (buddy) he is a yellow lab dog. He is our baby he goes practically everywhere with us he is spoiled and he knows it. We have an angel in heven named Dylan. Dylan was born Oct. 26, 2004 and passed away Dec. 6, 2004. He will always be in our hearts and always on our mind. I am a big sister to Kayla there are 17 years difference between us but we are extrememly close. I have 2 nieces and a nephew on my husband Jeff's side of the family that we love dearly and spoil especially the 2 1/2 year old she's a doll. I work for a finance company. I have an Associates Degree in Business. I am a Stampin Up demo but do it more for a hobby (but would be glad to take your order wink wink). That's a little about me.

Sunday Scrappin Mothers Day

First I want to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there, I hope you all have a wonderful day! It's now time for Sunday Scrappin a time to post your Ta Da's and Ta Do's, by now you all know the drill so what are you waiting for go check out Sunday Scrappin!

Ta Da's

I need get my friends belated birthday card in the mail, I used one from my stash that I had made up ahead of time.

I made an anniversary card for Jeff but can' t post it until Wednesday.

I made 2 scrapbook pages (they are the same but still count has 2)

I started a scrapbook page of my sister when she was little but my idea of the title didn't work out so I have to try something else for the title. The rest of the page is completed though. I have a new idea for the title hopefully that will turn out like I vision.

Ta Do's

Finish my sisters scrapbook page (just need to do the title)
Make 2 more scrapbook pages
Start thinking of a Fathers day card idea (this keeps getting pushed to the back burner each week I need to get thinking about this before I will be rushed for time)

This weeks bonus question: Did you make anything special for Mother's Day? The other thing I made for mothers day was some cards.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday - Girl

I made two of these layouts one for me and one for my SIL and BIL. This layout is from our step nieces 10th birthday party. I am going to do the same style layout for our nephew who also turned 10 but in boy colors. The pattern paper is from DoodleBug designs, the tags, flowers in the corner of the pictures are embellishments from the dollar store. Our local dollar store has moved to a new location and they have a large assortment of scrapbooking stuff, I will be visiting there often. The number 10 I cut out on my cricut machine. The ice cream cone is a sizzit diecut that I have.

Have a fantastic day. It is gorgeous out here in upstate NY, the sun is shining and its just the perfect temperature out so we are heading out to the Tulip Festival.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Thank you's

Dawn is such a wonderful, caring person and she has an awsome blog. I check her blog first thing when I come online and then again before bed to see if there is anything knew she posted (I'm being serious). Tonight when I checked her blog there was an award there for me. Thank you so much Dawn.

Now I have to choice 5 other wonderful bloggers:





Scrapping Servant

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blog Candy Winner

The winner is comment #11 which is Kayla. Kayla wrote:

ღ♥Kay~Kayღ♥ said...
I will be w/ my dad on his job(roffing),going to Mass w/ my sister,or Me and my friend Carrie r thing bout taking care of her Aunts Horses!Kayla


Be sure to check back again for more blog candy (I have to go through my stuff some more). Thank you to everyone for your support and comments!!!

Wow I'm in Shock

I can not believe that today is Sunday May 4 and I have ALL of my mother's day cards completed and I have my anniversary card for Jeff made. Our anniversary will be May 14! I'm in shock. And I have a belated birthday card made for my friend and I'm going to get that in the mail and my image swap that is due May 16 is also completed just need to mail. I'm so excited!!!! Just wanted to toot my own horn for a second.

Don't forget you have a little less then an hour to get in on the blog candy.

Sunday Scrappin 5/4

This day is just flying by, I can not believe the time already. Where has the day gone, wish I knew so I would go and get back a few of those hours I managed to lose this morning. If you haven't already you MUST go and check out Sunday Scrappin meme. It is a wonderful group where you post your Ta Da's (completed goals) and your Ta Do's (goals for the week) and there is no pressure if you don't complete your goals. It is a great way to help keep you focus though.

My Ta Da's

Party Pooper, mother's day cards, birthday balloons, ladybug card

My Ta Do's

I have to make a belated birhtday card for a friend
work on at least 2 scrapbook pages
start thinking about father's day card idea

This weeks question Did you go anywhere or make anything special yesterday for National Scrapbooking Day? I didn't do anything for Ntl scrapbooking day instead I took my grandmother grocery shopping and we had a nice lunch together so actually that was better then doing anything for Ntl Scrapbooking day. This weekend I will be taking part in a scrapbooking party online, looking forward to that.

Party Pooper

I made 2 of these layouts (one for me and one for my BIL and SIL). My BIL is the type of person who always the one who brags how you can party with the best of them and how he "can hang". Well this page is proof he can't hang with the 10 year olds. LOL! This picture of him was taken around 10 -10:30 the night of the kids 10th birhtday parties a few weeks ago. The title was done with rubons and the thumbs down is clipart that I printed off the internet.
Journaling reads: On April 19, 2008 we celebrated Micahel & Mariah's 10th bdays. It was a day of bouncing, food, and lots of fun. Mike and Jeff took their mother & grandmother back to the hotel after the party so those 2 could get some sleep. Jeff and Chrissy came back to Mike & Sherry's to visit some more. The next thing we notice is our host was sound asleep on the couch. Every Party has a pooper and at this particular party Mike was the pooper.

mother's day cards

My camera is finally charged so I can share the projects that I made this past week. My mother's day cards are all complete. Usually I am

making them the night before. I love the cuttlebug technique on splitcoast stampers. Both cards I used the SU From the Garden Stamp (this is a hostess stamp that you can earn for free). The card on the left I used SU Purely Pomegranate ink and the ribbon is also SU. On the card to the right I used SU Pixie pink ink. I didn't have the right thickness ribbon in the color pink for the card (I have tons of thin ribbon in pink) so I cut a strip of SU Pixie Pink cardstock instead of using ribbon (really can't tell the difference). In the center of each flower I put stickles. I made another card awhile back similar to this but in SU Orchid Opulence colored ink. The bottom of all the cards where done using the Cuttlebug Textile Embossing folder.