Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tag I'm it 2 times!

I have been having a stressful week at work. I was really excited and it cheered it me when I came home to find out that I have been tagged twice by Michelle and Dawn.

I have to list 7 things about myself that you may or may not already know. Here it goes

* I can live on Spaghetti

* People think myself or my sister were adopted because there are 17 years difference between us but we do have the same birth mom and dad

* I am a huge disney fan especially mickey mouse

* I work for a bank and I am horrible at saving even though at one time my job was to help people save - hey I don't practice what I preach LOL!!

* I am a country girl but growing up always wished I lived in the big city - thought if I lived in the city life wouldn't be so boring. When I was younger my Uncle took me to the Bronx for the day and I quickly changed my mind that the city life wasn't for me.

* I hate doing dishes. On any given day that you come to my house there will be dishes piled in the sink. My motto is why do dishes when you can stamp. LOL! DH loves that one!

*I'm a kid stuck in a big girl body. For example when we went to Disney we waited patiently our turn (sometimes over an hour) to meet the characters and get an autograph.

Thank you Michelle and Dawn for tagging me so the next 7 people I will tag are (now the hard part):
Amy, Wendy, Bella Carta, Jennifer, Diaries of a Stamper, Shaz X, Meayla


Unknown said...

I am a kid stuck in a big girls body.
I love that quote.
Wasn't it hard to come up with the 7 things? Gosh, I thought of 3 then had nothin else. Took me awhile but I did it. :-)

ChrissyM said...


The funny thing is I say that all the time that I am a kid stuck in a big girls body. It is so true. It was hard coming up with 7 things then 7 people who I was trying not to tag again. It was fun.

Card~I~ology Creations said...

I am still trying to come up with my 7 things.. I love yours....

I have been tagged too!