Thursday, January 10, 2008

What is your Personality Recipe

I thought this would be fun for everyone. I saw this on Ellie's blog (okay Ellie I keep plugging your blog tonight I should get some kind of kick back -- how about you sending me ATS stamp set you just got. LOL). What is your personality recipe Just enter your name and if you prefer your receipe in HTML or not and sumbit and you got your receipe. I would say mind is correct but sometimes I have more then 1% silliness in me (remember I'm a kid stuck in a big girls body --- LOL)

The Recipe For Christina

3 parts Friendship
2 parts Compassion
1 part Silliness

Splash of Impishness

Finish off with whipped cream


Sewflake said...

Your "recipe" sounds like it is right on track from what I read from your blog.