Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Scrapper Week of 1/6/08

This week's Sunday Scrapper question is Do you prefer to stick with only big name-brand supplies (Creative Memories, Stampin' Up, etc.) or do you usually buy less expensive supplies? No. I buy what ever I like regardless of the name. I was never really a brand name shopper for anything. I do have some name brand supplies like CTMH or SU but that is only because I like that particular stamp or particular paper. Years from now when people are looking through my scrapbooks or when I give a card they are not like Oh look at that page she used Brazil paper and a SU stamp. The only person who is going to know what brands I used is me and maybe my blogging friends when I post a creation. LOL! I am easily content going to the dollar store and buying their paper or stamps. The dollar store has a lot of cute scrapbooking items. The only problem I have is if its named Clearance I have to have it regardless of what it is. I don't want there to be a time that I am working on a page and I think oh yeah that embellishment in Michael's would be perfect to go to their store and find out its been clearanced and no longer offered. Jeff tries very hard to keep me away from clearance aisles.

This Weeks Goals:

To complete a layout of some sort either disney or of Buddy (the dog)
To complete another card of sorts (valentine, birthday, or just because)

Have a wonderful scraping and stamping week!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, on meeting your goals. I have make two cards this week end and cleaned my work space, read all my sistas blogs. I want to start scraping again, have plenty of holiday pictures to use.
I don't use just "named" products. My goal is to look for supplies very where a go.

Unknown said...

Girl you've been 1 busy bee! WOW I'm so proud of you.. GO CHRISSY GO! I can't believe I didn't pull out all my hair but I made it through the weekend! I love your cowboy card too cute and the cupcakes look so yummy! :)

Here is to a good start of the week for you tomorrow remember what I said about the "Moon" lollol



Anonymous said...

Good work on keeping to your goals. I need to start setting goals too I think!

Card~I~ology Creations said...

Great job sticking with your goals. I too don't use just one type or name brand of supplies. I buy something because I like it!

Amy said...

I'm glad you've joined us for SS! You got a lot done this week- way to go! :)

You can leave your link in the Mr Linky on the post, that way everyone will see it- not everyone reads the comments. (If you've never used a MrLinky before, it's at the bottom of my post- it asks for your name and URL.) I went ahead and did it for you this week. No worries!

Just Me :) said...

I recently bought some clearnce stamps for the same reason you mentioned--that I might need it in the future. :) They are cute and only .99 cents. How could I pass that up? :)

I've set a similar goal this week 6 cards (all the same) and 2 pages.

Annie said...

I love to buy supplies from everyone, even though I'm a demo for TAC. There's too many beautiful (and inexpensive) supplies to limit ourselves. Great job on your goals!!

Unknown said...

Tag, you're it. Post seven things about yourself that we may or may not know and tag seven others when you're done

Anonymous said...

Chrissy...where you at girl, you've sure been quiet this week. ;-)

Unknown said...

I just tagged you on my blog.
Please post seven things about yourself that we may or may not know on your blog.
And then tag seven other blogs you love.

Anonymous said...

I buy what I like too, I feel it really doesn't matter either.