Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Counting Pages

What is the correct way to count your scrapbooking pages? Does a 2 page layout count as 1 page or 2 pages? I believe that a 2 page spread is counted as 1 page. Some may think that what I am about ready to say isn't fair but first hear me out on this. We are all aware by now that my New Year's resolution is to scrap a page a week. I will be counting a 2 page spread as 2 pages. Now that doesn't mean that this week I scrapped 2 pages so I can skip scrapbooking next week the goal is to actually scrap EACH WEEK! It only makes sense to me to count a 2 page spread as 2 pages because when you buy a book and you open it up there is a page on the left and a page on the right, each of those pages have their own individual page number. So I think its only fair to count each page regardless if its only a page or 2 page layout. I know, I'm anal. How do you count your pages?

So actually my New Years Resolution is 2 parts - To Scrap at least once a week and on Dec. 31,2008 to have completed at least 52 pages.


Sewflake said...

I count each and every page I make as 1. After all you say a 2 page spread. A 2 page spread is just that, 2 pages.

Sewflake said...

PS Good luck, I will be watching for your pages.

Card~I~ology Creations said...

I agree 2 page spread = 2 pages.. Can't wait to see all your pages.

Tina M

Kristen said...

I agree two pages should be two pages. You put the same amount of effort into each and every pages, why not give yourself credit for them. Good luck with your goal.

Anonymous said...

I love your resolution! I actually may have to borrow that and put my own spin on it! I agree, each page is a page. Including 2 pagers.