Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snow Dog

I first want to start by saying that this page layout was scraplifted from the CTMH Autumn/Winter 2007 Idea Book page 64.

Buddy loves, I stress loves the snow whether its playing in it or eating it. Yes, the top left hand picture (the largest picture on the page) is a picture of the dog with a mouth full of snow. I will sit on the ground in front of him and throw snowballs at him. We love watching him catch them. I just want to clarify -- we never ever throw or play in the yellow snow.

For the squares, journal box, and all the lettering I used the cricut george cartridge. In the mail today which arrived at a great time was a package from my Birthday club on the cricut message board and inside was Snow Writer, I used that on the letters to give it the snow look, must add I love this stuff and need to find out where I can buy more, especially since I do a lot of snow pages. The snow flakes are from CTMH Snowman Holidays Stamp Set. I love these pictures of buddy on this page, he is my baby!!

Journaling Reads: Jan. 01, 2008 - Buddy loves to play in the snow. He especially loves to eat the snow. Buddy also loves to stick his head into the snow. When you throw a snowball to Buddy you better throw it fast otherwise he will charge you for it and you can always guarantee he will catch it in his mouth. Buddy is our snow dog!

I am pleased to say that another week as passed, and once again my goals have been completed. I wasn't feeling great today but I knew all of you were watching and I knew I had to suck it up and get those goals done. So thank you for keeping close tabs on me. LOL!


Sewflake said...

Now that I read about us watching you, guess what??? I have posted in my room what goal you have set for yourself, and yes we will be watching. hee hee
Personaly I think it would be nice to have someone helping us reach goals.

Sewflake said...

Oh yes, lovely pages. Love snow pictures and dogs.

Scrapbook Mama said...

OH look at my Buddy so sweet! It seems like we will never see snow like that so I have to live through your layouts I only get mush! I love this L.O. now all we need is Ram,Issac, and Gabi in there w/Buddy NOW that would be some serious L.O.'s for us! :p


Chrissy said...

Sure Sewflake, now you tell me you haven't really been paying attention to me. I see how it is. I guess its better I find out now. LOL! Thanks for keeping the pressure on. LOL!

Ellie, That would be so much fun. Buddy would love to play with the kids.

frickelfee said...

Great LO...and Buddy is a little sweetie....

baby bratz said...

lol sis that is cute