Friday, January 18, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged today by Krista, which is always a lot of fun.

Here are the rules:

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Post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 strange/weird facts about yourself on your blog.
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Let each person know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here is my list of 7 Random things about me

1. When I stick my tongue out regardless of how hard I try my tongue curls upwards. I can't help it.

2. When I getting really laughing one of two things happen 1. people either laugh at me or 2. I clear the room because I have a loud laugh. If its something really funny forget it I have a high picture hackle as some call it. If I'm just laughing or giggling I'm fine.

3. I was an only child for 17 years of my life plus growing up I was the youngest out of all the cousins so I was extremely spoiled.

4. I am allergic to choclate, I break out in the hives and have a hard time breathing. But this doesn't stop me from eatting choclate. I have it down to a science I know how much I can eat before I will have attack. So I eat just till I get to that point then stop. I'm good at stopping if I know the next bite I take will be the start of an attack.

5. Regardless of what the item is, could be clothing, shoes, household items, scrapbook items or any craf item if it is marked clearanced I must have it. Hey you never know when you might need that item and it won't be available any more after it has sold out.

6. I have so much junk that is stored in our shed that it is actually starting to cave into the ground from all the weight. I have to go through it and have a tag sale but I hate parting with anything. I still have ALL my teddy bears and stuffed animals (and I have lots) from when I was a little girl (care bears, punky brewster doll, rainbow bright, etc.)

7. We have not feed our dog actually dog food since the dog food recall was first announced. I am afraid to give him dog feed even though they say it is okay. He gets "Human Food" and then vitamins to get the nutrients that he doesn't get from our food.

Now the hard part to tagg 7 people. The 7 people I am going to tag are:

Fields of Heather


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll try to get to it this week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag!

ღ=]♥Kaylaღ=]♥ said...

wow!!ha i learned sumthin new