Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Scrapin

Is it me are these days just flying by. Holly it's the end of September already. It's Sunday Scrappin time again.

Being there was no Sunday Scrappin post last week due the host having a family emergency (and I'm glad to say that she has reported her daughter is doing well), so I am going to combine the cards I made from the last 2 weeks in this post (hope you don't mind).

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas
I heart snowmen
Welcome Little One - I was very pleased with this baby card
Have A Poppin Good birthday
Get Whale Soon - get well card for my sister's friend
Under the Sea - had this card idea for awhile finally got around to making it
Give a Hoot - birthday card

I recently came across another meme called Camera Critters so be sure to check out my other blog ( for those post. That meme is all about pictures of various animals and those to know me this is perfect for all the dog pics I have of my Buddy!


I have a scrapbook idea but I have to get my pictures printed (printed broke grrrrr)
I have a card idea
Have to make a few items for a Halloween Boo Secret Friend Swap I am in
That's really it I don't have to many ideas in my head I'm fried from all the overtime and aggravation I've been dealing with at work the last few weeks.

This weeks Sunday Scrappin challenge is to make something with paperclips. I have some cute dog bone paperclips and other various shapes, hmmm.... what can I make. I can do a dog page.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

OH yeah.....time is just FLYIN' by!!!! You've been on a major creative roll again my friend!!! That Under the Sea card is just sooooooo amazing!!!! And then I just love that Baby Hedgie in the hammock!!!! Soooo stinkin' adorable!!!

forgetfulone said...

You know I love all of your cards, but I'm particularly fond of the Hoot birthday card. *grin* You got a lot done. I looked at a cuttlebug yesterday, but I just can't get one now. I love how it does all that cool embossing. I'm still trying to figure out stamps, though. Great job this week. Oh, you oughta have your sister post at Sunday scrappin! And... I hope you will have less aggravation at work, but I know how it is. Grrrr.

Diane said...

Hey Chrissy,those are all wonderful! I have to say my favorite is the hedgies in the hammock,sooooo sweet!!!!!

Norm said...

I love your header very beautiful, my favorite color..

Melanie said...

Fantastic cards Chrissy, you are just full of ideas and creativity.

I hope work is better this week, not as stressful.

Good luck with your goals and have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there with the work stress! It really can take a lot of you! I love all your cards, but particularly the Christmas ones and the baby card! That "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Card is beautiful! I'm so glad you've mastered heat embossing--fun, eh?

Kay Kay said...

Cant wait to see new cards=]
Check out my blog!!!!

Kay Kay said...

hi chrissy this is carrie under kays account at skool
nice blog
peace out