Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Scrappin #45

Usually I have mixed feelings about Sunday's I'm sad because it's the end of the weekend and make to work tomorrow but happy because I get to post and see what all the creative girls over at Sunday Scrappin got done this past week. But, this Sunday is all happy feelings. I'm on vacation all week (YEAH) and we are taking a mini-vacation (overnight trip)that I'm excited about.


Sympathy Card I am not happy at all with they way this one turned out
Christmas and Halloween cards
Baby Card this one is okay not tickle pink with it (and I'm not trying to make a joke)
It's a she thing


I would love to make a scrapbook page or two before going back to work
I have cards that need to be mailed
Work on another baby card
I need to get busy on the scrapbook that I am making a coworker she is going to be a first time grandmother in November but it's hard to make a page without pictures

Sunday Scrappin Challenge: I didn't take part in last week's challenge, hey I told you I'm not a girl that's into the kitchen scene. This week's challenge Amy (our fabulous host) provided a picture for us to get inspiration from. I'm not good at these type of challenges I'm not at sketches and those type of things. We'll see if I can come up with something. I'll put on my thinking cap. I will be taking a notebook with me on vacation because I get page ideas and card ideas at the strangest times. I may be on a ride at the fair and have to tell them to stop so I can write down my idea. I'm joking I would wait for the ride to stop then run to a bench. LOL!

Question: We currently have an all in one printer (fax, scanner, printer, copier etc) that is hooked to our computer. The other day while in walmart we were looking and the ink for the photo printers like the Kodak photo printer (it's just a printer for pictures) is a lot cheaper and we would save in the end. Does anyone have this type of thing and if so what kind and what is your thoughts on it. If I get would I would like one that can print various size pictures (wallet, 4x6, 8 1/2 x 11 etc). Thanks for the help.


Bailey's Granny said...

I have to agree that sympathy cards are difficult to make. I love your Halloween card. Good luck with your to-do's this week and enjoy your vacation.

Sniz said...

The baby card is to die for! I hear you on the sympathy card difficulty. Those ARE hard to make! Love the others!

Girl With the Gadgets said...

great stuff. I love them. Don't be so hard on yoruself.. TFS sorry I haven't been around much work is just crazy..

Melanie said...

Your cards are always stunnning Chrissy and the sympathy card is amazing. You did a wonderful job on all of the cards.

I hope you have a wonderful week off work and have fun at the fair.

Janine said...

Love your cards... Thanks for visiting my blog as well. I love meeting new people and I will be back to see what you are up to.
Have a great day!!

forgetfulone said...

We also have the all-in-one printer,copier,fax. I like it, but to print your photos at home, HP makes a great USB plug in printer, but I think the largest photos it can print is 4x6. The good thing is that she can plug the photo card (whichever type it is) directly into the port on the printer and do any editing on the screen there before she prints the photo.

I don't know which was is better. I usually order prints from webshots, and they turn out great.

Your cards ALL turned out pretty! Wish I'd been here for SS!