Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Scrappin # 39

We are calling all Paper Crafters (Cardmakers, Scrapbookers of all kind) to come and join us at Sunday Scrappin. It's a fantastic group where you post your weeks goals and last weeks Ta Da's and you also have the option to take part in that weeks challenge. There is no pressure if you don't get to complete the challenge or your goals. It's a friendly group so come on over.

It was a stressful week at work so I didn't get much done but I did get a few cards done yesterday (Saturday) thanks to it being a wash out it rained most of the day.

Sweet little Bear Card
I made 1 Easter Card, 2 Christmas Cards, and my nieces birthday card (click on the link it will take you to all of the cards they are posted in one thread).

I want to continue taking part in the various blog challenges.
Would like to scrapbook but need to get ink for my printer (no I haven't done that yet)
Finish decorating my cork board so I can get in hung up in my craft room

Challenge: I didn't take part in the challenge last week, not due to lack of pictures I have plenty of the dog in the yard or cookouts etc. I was just drained and no energy. This weeks challenge is do something food-related. Scrap your favorite recipe, make a card with a watermelon theme.... be creative! Argh I don't cook not that I don't like to I just can't. Laugh I'm serious. My mother tried teaching me and I would say "NO Mommy, I will marry a man that could cook". And my dad would get mad and say "My daughter isn't going to depend on do man, especially for eating". Let me just say I come from a part Italian family that loves to eat. LOL! So the enrolled me in Home Economics class at school (at that time it was an option now its mandatory) and I refused to cook I always found some poor boy in there to cook for me. And I did I found a man that cooks and cooks well. So a recipe page is out of the question for me. LOL! I guess I will have to get creative on this one. LOL!


forgetfulone said...

Your cards are all adorable, as usual! When you glue your images and letters on, how do you get them to look so good? Like they're part of the paper? Is there a finish you put on them? They look wonderful! Better than store bought by a long shot.

I hope your week is less stressful. Your story about cooking cracked me up! I'd offer to teach you some southern cooking, but you'd just get a man to do it for you! LOL

Happy scrappin'!

Bailey's Granny said...

All your cards are great but I really loved your Easter card. Have a great week!

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Love em all grl keep up the awesome work. I wish I got some ta' das done this weekend. Only some super secret swaps..

Taniaj said...

Hi Chrissy I got the stamp from the craft barn this is there blog feel sure they can get you sorted there are other examples to see also hope this helps Tx
Great cards on your blog

Rebecca said...

Your cards look great! I agree with bailey's granny - the Easter one is my favorite! I don't enjoy cooking either but have had to learn - though I found a man who cooks better than me too. ;)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh you've been busy!! I do love these....the House Mousie is my fave, 'cuz I adore those little guys!!! And hoooray for guys who cook!!!! LOL Mine doesn't cook much, but he's awesome at the grill!!

Amy said...

Your cards are all great- I always look forward to seeing what you've done. I especially like the "Joy" snowflake card.

Your cooking comments made me laugh. I love to cook and have done more recipe swaps than I have albums to put the pages in... LOL!

Melanie said...

I had a giggle at your cooking story. Peter doesn't cook much but I have taught him a few dishes that I like so if I want a night off, he can cook a number of things. Lol

I hope this week is better for you at work, rest up and take time for ou sweetie. I love your cards too.

forgetfulone said...

New post on my journal blog if you have time.

craftylyra said...

Wonderful cards! I especially love the second Christmas one and the cute bear! I think you got quite a lot accomplished in a stressful week!

Cooking used to be the world's most stressful activity and I just forced myself to do it more, and NOW it is a major hobby (?) and I do 90% of the cooking. It isn't unlike scrapping, actually---color/design= flavors/amount. Good luck with next week's list!

kerri said...

Busy little girl. Cards are gorgeous