Friday, June 13, 2008

Tagged Again

I have been tagged by Vivian my friend/upline today. I am supposed to name 7 random and or weird facts about myself. So here it goes:
1. I was worried about today being Friday the 13th thinking it was going to be a bad day but actually it was a great day (I can be a dork at times)
2. I worry about the dumbest things (refer to #1) seriously I do I worry about everything (and the word is in bold print for a reason). But I am getting better
3. I sleep better when it is raining.
4. When I really getting laughing it is loud and I sometimes snort. Yesterday at work I got laughing really hard (that was the first time at work I really laughed I giggled but not laugh laugh) and I got the whole dept. in tears double over in laughter because they were laughing at me laughing. It was so bad the customer service girls had to log out of the phone they couldn't answer the phone (lucky it was late in the afternoon and it wasn't our busy time)
5. My favorite season is the fall. Love all the pretty colors
6. Tonight we bought a kiddie pool and new hose to fill the pool. The pool is for Buddy our dog (he's so spoiled). He loves the water.
7. I have a bad shopping addiction. I can't go to the store for just what I intended to get I always pick up something else weather it be something small as a candy bar or as big as an whole new outfit or new scrapbooking stuff.
Now I have to tag 7 people. I have been tagged several times over the past week so I am going to tag 2 people and then who ever reads this if you want to play along just leave me a message so I can check your blog out. The 2 lucky gals are Emily, and Amy