Saturday, June 28, 2008

My summer scrapbooking vow / Idea

(Can't raise my right hand - I type with that hand- sorry). I Christina swear that I will not buy another piece of scrapbooking paper the rest of the summer with the exception of possibly needing princess themed paper to make my nieces birthday card and with an exception I need to buy baby girl themed paper to make my coworker Kathy's daughter a scrapbook (my coworker Mary and I are working on this project together and we need to get busy) I only have boy themed items . For everything else I will use the paper that I have on hand already to make all of my cards and layouts regardless of how pretty, how perfect it would be for a page or card, and regardless of of it being on sale or clearance. Instead if I need to buy anything I will concentrate more on my stamps and other supplies (ribbon, embossing powders, ink etc).

For the record earlier today I ordered a DCWV Summer Paper Packet from (180 sheets of paper). This will be my last paper order for the summer. And yes Jeff there you go you have it in writing and can use it against me.

Next week I'm off from work for several days and I think I may go through my paper and weed at the ones I will never use. Anyone interested in a paper swap once I go through it. I will give you "X" amount of various themed paper for "X" amount of your choice themed paper. This way we can trade out what we won't use and still get new (which will feed paper addiction LOL). If your interested leave me a message on this post or email me. If you have a different idea I'm open for suggestions.