Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lillies are in Bloom

The first of my lillies have bloomed. I still have a lot more that need to bloom, I wish they would all bloom at once but at least this way it makes them seem like they last longer and I can enjoy them more. My favorite flower is the Lilly. I wanted to share some of my first pictures with you. I need to get more ceder and put it down around them. It's so frustrating our dog Buddy no way no how goes in the Lilly Garden, he knows better but the neighbors dog runs free and goes right in there. It drives me nuts!!!! We had to put up wooden stakes to keep the dog out and I hate it, it makes it look like crap. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I told the nieghbor countless times keep your dog out of my yard. It's one thing if it was my own dog but it's not.


Lee said...!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm so envious of you with these big, beautiful blooms!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh thats it I'm coming over to your house OHHHH LOOK HOW Beautiful they all love.. {{{{HEART}}}}}


kerri said...

these flowers are stunning

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful flowers!! I have the world's best brown thumb! I can kill anything including a cactus!