Sunday, June 22, 2008

Disney Statues Re-Do

The original post can be see here. It was driving me crazy and then to make matters worse Jeff walks in the room and he says "It's not centered" I wanted to scream and actually I did. We sat down for dinner and ranted about my page. Then Jeff towards to me and says "See this is why you should have called me in to look at like you normally do". WHAT!! No way he just did not say that, he normally comes in takes a quick glance and says "nice". I didn't think he actually paid attention. Any how, I added the year down the side to off set the page and I was able to take a better picture with my other camera. I feel better about this page now, I'm happy and will be able to sleep good tonight.


Unknown said...

Yup, I have to agree. This layout is much better than the first try.
Great job Chrissy!

Forgetfulone said...

I liked it before, but the date down the side adds just the right finishing touch. Now you can sleep!

Kimmy said...

You have some beautiful layouts and cards. Glad you are going to play along with our Fun-Filled Friday challenges. I do like the date on the side and LOVE the buttons.

Laura said...

This looks great - I like the colours and the layout. Nicely done!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

I'm so sorry your husband ruined your mood. What do they know anyways. Great layout.

kes said...

first visit and just loving your creations.