Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Scrappin # 38

I still can't believe the month of July is almost of over. Where has this summer gone? The days are just flying by. It's about 5 months to Christmas. WOW!!

Well it's Sunday once again, so that could only mean one thing Sunday Scrappin time. Last week's challenge was to mail something to someone who wasn't expecting it. I am very good at making things putting them in the envelope and addressing the envelope but then it sits here and sits here and sits here. I'm not good at mailing things. I mailed my Uncle a card I never mail him a card so that will be a huge surprise. I had a package here to mail to a friend a month later she will finally receive it (she probably forgot about it it's been so long) and then I mailed another surprise to a special someone.


Have a Tigger-ific Birthday Card
Puppy Love Card
Appreciate your Friendship card
Love your style Card

TA Do's

I have to have to work on my nieces birthday card - I plan to start that today I do have an idea
Continue to participate in various blog challenges

This week's Sunday Scrappin challenge is play in the grass! Scrap photos of someone playing in the yard... use grassy paper... make a card involving something in your yard (a BBQ?).... make a green fringed border that looks like grass... you get the idea. Have fun with it! This will be an easy challenge I have tons of pictures of my sister in the grass when she was little, buddy in the grass, our niece and nephew in the yard. The options are endless. Lets just hope I have enough ink in my printer to print the pictures (I should - big smile).


forgetfulone said...

All of your cards are darling, as usual. I hope you get your to-do's completed. And if you find any more scrapping challenges, feel free to share them! I already got one or two from your site, but I always need inspiration. Happy scrappin' or card-making!

Bailey's Granny said...

Your style card is awesome. Also, I like the new look of your blog - love the colors.

Melanie said...

I love all of your cards Chrissy, you truly have a talent in card making.

Stunning work as always Chrissy, have a great week.