Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dylan Page

As most of you are aware our son Dylan was born Oct. 26, 2004 and he passed away Dec. 6, 2004 to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death). It doesn't seem possible nor will we ever understand why, just days before his passing he was in the dr. and got a full checkup and passed with flying colors. He was a preemie but he was healthy and doing so well. Before the water faucet (tears) flood us all let me get on with my page. I have a extremely hard time scrapbooking Dylan, not due to lack of pictures we are overly thankful that we have 1 full picture album of pictures but because the pages are never good enough. My dear friend Melanie recently left me a comment that said "Sweetie the pages you do of Dylan will be perfect because they come from your heart, art is perfect. There is no right or wrong". As I made this page I kept reminding myself of her words, but in the end the page still isn't good enough if that makes since. I look at the pictures of Dylan that we have yes I'm thankful for each and everyone but take the hand picture for example, his hand isn't centered, his one finger is cut off a little I should have took the time to take a better picture instead of thinking "oh I'll get a better one at a later date". I can remember trying to take the picture of his hand, he was sleeping and every time I went to take the picture he would move. LOL! Here is a link to my webshots (preblogging days) account of more Dylan layouts if you want to look
Thank you for letting me share our Angel Dylan with you. Chrissy


Dawn Marie said...
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Dawn Marie said...

OH Chrissy! I love your pages of precious Dylan. I dont think it will ever be easier. My babies went to heaven before we could hold them. And that was hard in itself so I cant imagine how you must feel. But just know in your heart you will see him again one day!!HUGZ Girlfriend!

Melanie said...

Chrissy, Im sure this wasn't easy for you but it looks amazing. Dylan is a gorgoeus baby and your layout truly is amazing.

Like I said every layout is unique and beautiful. Love it sweetie.

Annapurna said...

Thanks for sharing. I love your LO! If you took a good picture, you wouldn't have had all those memories. Think of it that way. Also thanks for reminding me to take more pictures of my little ones.

Crafty said...

I'm very touched by what you have written here. Perhaps it is about the process, you know? Maybe just trying to get that perfect LO is your way of honoring Dylan. I think it is beautiful.


Anonymous said...