Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome Back Sunday Scrappin

It's been forever since I participated in Sunday Scrappin. It's a lovely group of paper crafters of all sorts, if you haven't joined us yet you should.

My TA Da's (my most recent creations)

Love scrapbook page

Get Well Card

Just Because Card

College Days Scrapbook page

My TO Do's

Work on halloween cards (have a few ideas)
Start working on christmas cards (have 2 ideas)

This weeks Challenge: let's see what you can do with a "mass produced" theme. Two pages with the same layout? Two cards with the same colors? I've done this before.... stuck to a theme or layout... and it's amazing how much faster my crafting goes. Give it a try! :)


forgetfulone said...

Glad you're back! I had nothing to post today. I need some easy ideas foe a bday card.