Monday, November 26, 2007

Some of our favorite ornaments

These ornaments we got while in vacation in Disney last year. Stitch is Jeff's favorite ornament and the mickey is mine. He's a stitch fan I'm the mickey fan. I just LOVE the christmas shop in downtown Disney!

This ornament Jeff and I got in the mall at one of those ornament stands. This was our first christmas in 1997. Holy Smokes that is 10 years ago! Wow!

The elmo ornament we bought in 2004 for our son Dylan it would have been his first christmas but he passed away and became an angel on Dec. 6. The angel ornament I painted a long time ago and then when I took it out of the box the other day I decided to write Dylan's name on it even though the angel is wearing pink and purple really not boy colors.
This ornament hangs in the center of our tree as remberance of our little angel Dylan.

This ornament we got my parents when we first moved in our house. It says Our First Christmas in our New House.