Sunday, June 22, 2008

Disney Statues

Ever make a layout and you stare and stare at it and you see nothing wrong but then you go to upload a picture to your blog or gallery and you notice something is drastically wrong? That's just what happened to me with this layout. I was pleased with it until I took a picture. It isn't centered, how could I miss that. My original plan was to put the title going down the side (that's why the circle wasn't centered) then after I got done I changed my mind and put the title in the center. I originally got the page idea from the disboard (3rd post up from the bottom). But I didn't do her page any justice at all. My page isn't bad but its not centered. I also did this for the OCC Challenge (use at least 1 brad and at least 1 button), this was my first time taking part in their challenges. The background paper is hard to tell but its pink not brown/creame the circle is brown though.
** Speaking of pages not being centered I have a story to share (craft related) I recently made a bride card for a co-worker (which I normally don't make cards for co-workers). I was proud of the way the card came out and the one girl knew I made a card and she wanted to see it (she always ask to see my cards/albums). I took it into and another coworker heard the girl drooling over it and came over to check it out. Can you believe she pointed out everything that was wrong with the card , even going as far as to say "It's Tacky". The girl who I bought the card in to show (not the recipient of the card) was mad, I wanted to cry. She asked the other coworker what is wrong with you, you have no taste, I just walked away. Word got out through out the office/building and everyone wanted to see the card everyone else loved it and were in rage when I said I will not be giving the card to the "bride". I thought about this when I saw my disney page wasn't centered, her words echoed in my head. Because the other thing she pointed out was that the bride wasn't centered, no one else saw that. Because she kept asking don't you see what's wrong to the other girl and she was honestly clueless - she wasn't trying to nice and act like she didn't notice what was wrong you could tell from the blank stare on her face. Then she screamed it's not centered!! They all said it's not suppose to be centered a bride doesn't stand like she's "in the military". Lastly, I did the card in the girls wedding colors the evil coworker even pointed out how the colors where "the wrong choice and the clash".